2005 Annual General Meeting

Warrington Wolves Supporters’ Trust
Annual General Meeting
16th March 2005

1 To receive the report of the Chairman for the year ended 31st December 2004.

John Prior, who was Chairman of the Trust since its inception and of the Supporters’ Club for some time before that, has had to relinquish the post since becoming a full-time employee of the RL Club. He was unable to attend the AGM, so his report was given by Richard Shanks (Treasurer).

Events in 2004 were mainly focused on SquadBuilder, so Trust events were few. In association with the WolfPack we held a very successful Player of the Year awards night, where Paul Cullen took part in a Q & A where both adults and children asked some very searching questions. All proceeds were given to the WolfPack.

The SquadBuilder Annual Dinner was held in October on the exact 125th anniversary of the first game played by Warrington RLFC; it was a successful evening, but some guests failed to honour their commitment to make an appearance, and, perhaps because the event was held on a Monday night, the number of fans attending was disappointingly low.

In August 2004 6 new Board members were co-opted to help organise more events and revitalise the Trust.

One of the activities the enlarged Board tried was the ill-fated Fans’ Bar. Trials were held (when possible) after the friendly games, but crowds were small so few fans came to the bar: however, after the Leigh SL Game, where there had been a large crowd, the number of fans trying to access the Prime Time lounge was overwhelming, and contravened Health & Safety regulations. It has therefore been decided to let this matter rest, for the time being.

2 To receive and approve the audited accounts of the Society in respect of the year ended 31st December 2004.

Members were given copies of the accounts.

Richard Shanks gave some background about the information contained in the accounts.

SquadBuilder has not increased its membership; in fact, some members have ceased paying their subs. The Trust is, perhaps, in late 2004 and in 2005 beginning to gain some new members as a larger number of events are being held and thus its profile is raised.

Unfortunately the lack of a bar for fans after games also means that there is less raffle money being taken into Trust funds, though raffles are held at all Trust events.

Some payments to the Club for player contracts and bursaries are still outstanding. SqB gave £500 to William Beamont to help them undertake a tour to Australia.

Higher expenses were incurred in 2004 than in previous years as the Trust tried to raise its profile by producing leaflets and other publicity materials.

Questions were asked by members about payments, one in particular asked about the purchase of a laptop computer and software; the cost of this item should be refunded to the Trust once an expected RFL grant is received. Another payment (to Cobbetts (solicitors) for setting up the Trust) should also be covered by a refund, from a new government grant via Supporters’ Direct.

Some money from the End of Season Dinner auction is still outstanding; the person concerned is known to the Trust.

Payments for players’ meals were also queried: these payments were made while the club was in financial difficulties at Wilderspool, and are no longer being made.

Pauline Nelson proposed that a vote to approve the accounts be taken; the accounts were approved.

3 To receive a report from the society board on the activities planned for 2005.

In 2004 most emphasis was on SquadBuilder events rather than Trust or Open events: in 2005 most proposed events are Trust or Open events.

The first event is a Media and marketing presentation by Gina and Sean, followed by a Fans and Players Quiz on 17th May. Further events in planning are a tour of the community facilities and the learning centre (which is now finished); a training session, and possibly a wrestling session/demo with Mike Forshaw. The Player of the Year awards night will be held in September, depending on the exact date of the end of the season.

The annual End of Season Dinner will take place on 21st October, and the anniversaries being celebrated are the defeat of Wigan (when they were in the 2nd division) in the Lancashire Cup, and also the 1905 Challenge Cup defeat of Hull KR.

4 To elect the members of the Society Board to hold position for the term and in accordance with the rules of the Society.

Chair – Roy Chicken was proposed by Joyce Woods, seconded by Simon Bishop and voted into the post.

Treasurer Richard Shanks, treasurer since the inception of the Trust and instrumental in setting it up, has, for personal reasons, to step down from his post. Paul Martin was proposed to take over as treasurer by Simon Bishop, seconded by Alex Chicken, and a members’ vote approved his election.

Representative of fans with disabilities. Dave Connor was proposed by Alex Chicken and seconded by Pauline Nelson; the members voted to accept the nomination.

Representative of local business. Local businesses will be approached for a nomination.

SquadBuilder members Ric Welsby and Dave Henderson were nominated to continue with their membership of the Board by Chris Bickerdike and seconded by Richard Shanks; members accepted the nomination.

Andy Topham, who designed and runs the Cub’s website, will also remain on the Board.

Secretary – Pauline Nelson proposed Chris Bickerdike to continue in the post: Joyce Woods seconded; members voted to accept the proposal.

5 To introduce to the members those members of the Society Board who have been co-opted since the last Annual General meeting.

Simon Bishop, Alex Chicken, Debra Leatherbarrow, Jenny Leatherbarrow, Barbara Ralph, Joyce Woods were proposed by Richard Shanks to become full members of the Board; Andy Topham seconded the proposal, the membership voted to accept to nominations.

6 To transact any other ordinary business of the Society

None raised.

The meeting was closed at 8 p.m.