2009 March Squadbuilder Meeting
Published on: 29/03/2009

The Supporters’ Trust and Squadbuilder were delighted to welcome Nigel Wright, Richard Marshall, Lance Du Lac, Chris Riley, Tyrone McCarthy, Alex Thompson and Rhys Williams to their March meeting.

The Wolves reserves, sponsored by Squadbuilder, are unbeaten and top of their league. The panel were able to give an insight into pre-season training and the impact of the recent appointment of Tony Smith.

The evening was a mine of information for everybody from the casual fan to coaches of amateur and youth teams.

Nigel Wright was extremely enthusiastic in explaining how players are motivated and how confidence and a positive attitude complements fitness, stamina and skills. Lance Du Lac, the video analyst, also explained how he works with the players and coaches.

Richard Marshall was rightly proud of the reserve team’s unbeaten performances this season and described how he blends youth with experience when working with the different players who are moved between the senior squad and his team.

Tyrone McCarthy is evidently very close to his Super League debut based on his recent form. He also has his University studies to complete this year. He received his award as reserve team Supporters Trust Player of the Month for March.

Other players in attendance were Rhys Williams and Chris Riley.  Rhys explained how he came to join the club and how surprised he was to get his senior international call up for Wales last year.  Chris gave an update on his current form, his preference to play full back, why he was taking the kick offs last week and has aspirations for international honours.  He is learning to be more vocal on the field as he directs the players into position on the pitch.

Squadbuilder would like to say a big thank you to all the guests.