About Us

The aim of  Warrington Wolves Supporters’ Trust – Squadbuilder is to support the development, coaching and promotion of young players at all levels.  This includes aiding local junior sides, the different age groups of young players at Warrington Wolves, right through to fully professional Wolves’ players.

We offer two membership levels Silver and Gold

Warrington Wolves Supporters’ Trust – Silver Membership

The main aim is to strengthen the bonds between Warrington Wolves and all the people of the Warrington area.  We promote the game of rugby league as both a participation activity and a spectator sport at all levels by bringing fans together in social situations for simple enjoyment.

Squadbuilder – Gold Membership

Squadbuilder is a scheme which enables Warrington Wolves’ supporters actively to help up-and-coming young rugby players, by making a regular contribution of at least £5 per month.

We actively fund-raise and then invest the funds this back into the Warrington Wolves in a number of ways. Members decide how the money raised is used, this  includes the purchase training and other important equipment for the development of players in all age groups.