Annual Dinner 19th November 2003

The Annual Supporter’s Trust and Squadbuilder Dinner

The Annual Supporter’s Trust and Squadbuilder Dinner was held on Wednesday 19th November, and like last year was an outstanding success.

The theme of the evening was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Warrington side beating Australia in 1978, and nearly all of the Wire team that night were there. Each gave a brief insight into their memories of that night, plus the stars of the 1978 squad that didn’t play due to rep call-ups and injury were also there. Mike Nicholas, Billy Benyon, Tommy Martyn and co. told great stories from that occasion, whilst Parry Gordon and Ken Kelly represented the quality that didn’t play that day.

Stars of the current game were liberally sprinkled around the room, from the upcoming Jamie Durbin and Nick Owen to established heroes such as Mark Hilton. Other icons such as Sky’s Angela Powers and top referee Karl Kirkpatrick simply added class to the occasion. Bringing things right up to date, Gary Chambers and Doc Scott reminded everyone why Warrington’s future is in good hands, and a highlights video from the previous season made for excellent viewing.

Finally, some footage of the victorious Warrington team from around 1980 was played in the background and the crowd were chanting Tom Hark when Wire scored ! It just shows that Tom Hark is just like the Wire – stick with them and you’ll always be ahead of the rest.

As ever, food and hospitality were excellent and a big thanks goes out to Richard Shanks and colleagues for the organisation of another great do.

Thanks to SB member Martyn Ford for the above write up.