Gary Chambers steals the show

Gary Chambers Steals the Show! 

At the Squadbuilder meeting on Wednesday night, Gary Chambers introduced fans to a side of the game that we’ve never seen before. The game through a coach’s eye.

His presentation was a real eye-opener to give us insight into the work that is done behind the scenes at the club. After the weekend game, Gary spends hours over the next two days putting a video together of each forwards performance, highlighting errors, good play and mistakes made by the team. He then spends time putting a video together of our next opposition to highlight tactics and moves made by the team and individual players.

It was incredible to see the game broken down in this way. From the Fletcher end we see Matt Sturm doing another blockbusting run, hard hitting into the opposition. Gary sees Matt running into the opposition man when he should be side stepping into the gap to make that extra half yard. Watch out for this in the Leeds game as this is Matt’s target for the game. In the game against Bradford when everyone was accusing Dale and Kidwell of sloppiness, Gary sees this as mistakes from some of the forwards who should have started closing down the angle as soon as the ball was spread wide, a view shared by Pepe as we could see from the video play back. And even Pepe himself had a mistake highlighted by the coaches when after making a big tackle, he ran back into the defensive line a few yards out of position. This was exploited by Bradford to make an extra 5 yards.

One tactic that Gary highlighted was one that Gartner and co use at Bradford in the tackle. Opposition fans view would be that their player was doing well, trying to stay up and make a few more yards. Bradford fans view, just put him down and make the tackle… Gary sees that the Bradford forwards are actually holding the attacking player up in the tackle, checking the rest of the their defensive line is back onside and only then pushing the player to the floor. This enables the rest of the pack to then fly off the line to make the next tackle and dramatically cut down the yards made by the opposition.

I will be watching the Leeds game tonight in a different way tonight and I thoroughly recommend attending the next meeting on April the 17th.

The evening also contained insights into the latest Stadium news from Neil Dowsen, Finance Director at the club. Information is scarce at the moment as the club and Tesco are very much in the negotiation stage and there are a few issues over the land share that are close to being finalised. Tesco are aiming to be open for trading in Christmas 2003 which means the stadium must be open before then. Building will commence as soon as the sport England grant has come through in a few months time.

The meeting also saw the launch of the official Squadbuilder magazine. This is hoped to grow over the coming months and will be available to all Squadbuilder members.

Richard Shanks summed up the visit to London to meet with Richard Caborn which gave us all hope for the future of the sport. More to follow soon…