Squadbuilder purchase Tendo units
Published on: 02/02/2012

Squadbuilder purchase Tendo units for Strength & Conditioning Department

Tendo Units are special computer micro systems used for the measurement of power and velocity

Each system consists of 2 functional components, a microcomputer and a velocity sensor unit. The velocity sensor unit is connected to the lifting weight by means of cable for linear displacement measurement.

Lifting weights are used to develop explosive power, maximum strength and performance in virtually every sport. A Rugby player may have a lot of strength and strong squat but not be able run fast or leg drive well. This is because they have the speed of movement to perform at this movement well. Strength alone does not guarantee high performance. Power is the most important ingredient in many sports. It is the ability to develop strength fast and it is a product of strength and velocity of muscular contraction.

Using Tendo units aids in monitoring the velocity and power of the bar so the only thing that is trained are the fast twitch fibres that are desired for rugby.

Chris Baron, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Warrington Wolves said “In terms of the importance of Warrington Wolves, Tendo units will help in the development of more explosive faster players. This is the next step in the development of Warrington Wolves, the athletes that are present through all age groups are big and strong, Tendo units will help these athletes become faster and have the ability to go into contact a with a lot more force.”

Picture: Chris Baron monitors Glenn Riley