Squadbuilder sponsor Under 19’s Weekend at the Anderton Centre
Published on: 24/02/2014

The u19’s Academy had a pre-season team bonding weekend at the Anderton Centre in Chorley earlier this month; this proved to be an excellent exercise and one that all of the players and staff found very worthwhile

We trained at Padgate on the Saturday morning and then went across to Primal Strength and Conditioning Gym, who very kindly allowed us to use their facilities to do some strength work; the lads all then got showered and changed at the Halliwell Jones stadium before setting off in convoy to the Anderton Centre.  Once there the players and staff were all allocated into rooms with either two, three, four or six people sharing.

The afternoon activities on the Saturday, that took place in heavy rain, were crate stacking, on site tree climbing, a low ropes course and abseiling.  The players and some members of staff were split into four groups and everybody encouraged each other during each task.

After this was completed everybody moved indoors where the coaching staff gave a talk on the goals that were being set for the season and the players were then split into four groups and they discussed between themselves what were the important ‘priorities’ from their point of view for the games ahead. This was then followed by one of the groups making the evening meal for everybody and then they had some free time during the evening.

On the Sunday morning breakfast was prepared by another of the groups and a chat by Youth Head of Strength and Conditioning Jake Batsford on what the players need to do to look after their bodies on and off the field. The talk was then followed by everybody going out onto Lower Rivington Reservoir for some improvised water rafting.  All the players were split into five groups and they had to build their raft by connecting two canoes together and then raced off downstream before then heading on land for a kilometre run and then got back into their canoes for a sprint finish!!!  This was very competitive and once everybody had returned to shore they all decided to jump back into the freezing water!!!

After they had showered and changed it was back into the warmth for lunch, expertly prepared by John Thursfield, and then it was time for everybody to depart.

The feedback that we received from the people at the Anderton Centre was excellent; every single player had conducted themselves impeccably and they were a credit to themselves and to the club.  We would like to once again say a massive thank you to SquadBuilder for giving us the opportunity to spend some much needed time together before the season started.

Dave Whalley
Warrington Wolves Under 19s Team Manager