Squadbuilder Sponsors Trip to the Anderton Centre

Squadbuilder Sponsors Trip to the Anderton Centre

Squadbuilder sponsors under 20’s team building trip to the Anderton Centre near Chorley

Two Coaches and twenty three players from the under 20’s team visited the Anderton Centre, on the banks of Rivington Reservoir, on the 30th & 31st January 2010 as a team building exercise.

The first day started at 09:00 at the centre with a safety talk and kitting out with harnesses and safety helmets. These were required for the morning’s activities which comprised of tree climbing, abseiling and archery.

The players were split into three teams for these activities. The tree climbing sorted out those who did not have a head for heights and caused much amusement to team members who succeeded in sounding the horn at the top of the tree, at the expense of those who failed to score points for the team.

The abseiling was completed by all team members whilst the archery sorted out the Robin Hood’s from those who were unable to find the target.

After lunch it was time to don wet suits for an afternoon on the reservoir in Canadian canoes lashed together in pairs. As one team was short of a member one of the coaches was called in to make up the numbers. This certainly did not help the team as their rowing skills were certainly found out by a total lack of coordination. The race across the reservoir showed up the problems that poor team work can cause.

The coach’s team needed a tow back across the lake before sinking 30 metres from the slipway. A dip in the ice cold water was suffered by all six in the coach’s team. Six more followed them into the water when their canoes were sunk by the coach’s crew trying to escape from the cold water.

After the evening meal a short coaching session was followed by a “My Room’s Got Talent” competition and leisure time.

Sunday commenced with a hearty breakfast and was followed by outdoor problem solving exercises and dodging snow balls made from the snow which had fallen overnight. The weekend finished on the low rope assault course with two teams attempting to complete the course in opposite directions and having to pass one another in the process. This caused much competition between the teams as the tried to dislodge one another from the ropes.

The weekend was a great success and was enjoyed by all who took part