u16 Scholarship visit Perform Centre

u16 Scholarship visit Perform Centre

Warrington Wolves under 16s squad recently visited the Perform Centre to take part in education sessions and training sessions on the gym floor.

Dave Bell, Performance Director, delivered a lecture on physical preparation for Rugby and Andi Willacy, Head of Medical Services, and Emma Fletcher, Head Physio, delivered a talk on pre-hab and rehab for Rugby.

The young Wolves were accompanied by John Bastian, Director of Youth Development, and Ben Lazenby, Player Performance Manager, who had the following to say:

“The development of young Rugby League players, and indeed young participants in other sports, is crucial for the future of the game. At Warrington Wolves we pride ourselves on the quality of our youth development programme and the importance that we place on youth development. The day our players experienced at the Perform Centre was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the players and staff. The players were challenged both in the classroom as well as in the gym under the expert tutelage of the Perform Centre staff. The whole day enhanced and reinforced our programmes quality and the culture that we are developing within Warrington Wolves.

I would like to thank all of the Perform Centre staff for their effort during the day as well as Warrington Wolves Squadbuilder who funded the day.”